Sunday, December 15, 2013

So why not, Try Google Local Map

Google is always experimenting different stuff., and artificial intelligence of the bot seems to be too good. I was trying to rank keyword for one of my client but this time I tried some thing  different, its the smart work that really works to thrive in the industries. Some one already quoted "Think Different Do It Smart" .

Yes I shifted my knowledge to google maps and tried to rank in SERP. I was able to show the result in a months and it really worked out. When it comes to SEO people think of only organic result but I think "Google Map".

Will I able to rank in Google Map?

Yes surly you can rank, in Map too we have something called ON map SEO, It basically you need to have right amount of keywords in title, body, and other areas, Always try to have your brand name in title and then followed by the primary keyword.

Is there link building involved in this process?

There is no link building but there is some think called Citation, which need to build.

To know more about citation stay tuned in my next blog post.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guide To Create A Infographics

Infographics are pictorial representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information in simple user understandable format . Recently I see big demand in Infographics . Infographics  can go Viral and thus this is very good way to bring branding.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Google Nose newest addition to Search - 2013

Google has launched a new way to search  "The new scentsation in search". Know all the smell from apples order to beautiful rose order  Google Nose. What do wet dogs smell like? for more ck out the vedio

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Social Media Marketing Trends In 2013

Social Media Marketing Trends In 2013

Social media will continue to play a central role in marketers´ day-to-day work over the course of this year. But many of them are pondering over the development of social marketing over the next months. Kristin Brewe, the IAB´s director of marketing and communications and chair of the Social Media Council, is just the right person to offer an insight into the matter.

Writing in a blog post on IAB´s website, Brewe noted a few key trends that social media marketing is likely to follow in 2013. Measurement will remain a key focus for businesses, as many have so far found performance and ROI measurement quite elusive. A recent poll from the IAB showed that more than a quarter of respondents had no clue how their organisations measured social performance, with only 17% of those interviewed measuring ROI on social sites activity.

As news and messages in general travel at the speed of sound on social media, it is becoming nearly impossible to hide the truth. Brands need to be more truthful than ever because social media makes their business transparent and exposed like never before. Communicating honestly with customers and being open to criticism is the right approach, Brewe claimed.

While the majority of brands are playing it safe by creating brand pages on big, well-established platforms, the alternative is also worth giving it a thought. Brands willing to take a risk might venture into creating their own platforms, with their own community, as this will undoubtedly make them stand out from the crowd.

The bottom line is that the social media outlook is very good despite the challenges brands face. It gives unrivalled opportunities for creating valuable relationships between brands and consumers, Brewe concluded.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy 10 Factors To Rank Good In Google

Easy 10 Factors To Rank Good In Google - Onpage 2013

Google and facebook is some thing without which today world cannot think to wake up in the morning. Immediately after waking up today's teens and youth opens Google search and Facebook through their cell phones, tablet or computer, so you can really do your business done if you rank well.The ranking in Google has 2 kinds. The One On-page SEO factors and other is done through Off-page SEO factors. The on-page Google search ranking some think which should be consider more than offpage.

seo onpage 2013

Here are eleven factors and very easy to apply tips to achieve good ranking in Google

Keyword: Selection of keywords are of prime importance when you talk of Search engine ranking, We all have tendency to go for generic keyword or high competition keyword , which is some thing is crap. There are lots of other key word, where search is more but competition is less why cant we go for such a keyword.To search something the targeted keyword should be used in a specific manner with art & science, so that appropriate search can be targeted for top positions & maximizing the SEO traffic share.

Outgoing links: Outgoing links which can be also said as out bound links OBL. I recommend not to have more OBL. This links should be correlated to the title of the linked pages. The wrong link can harm the site.

Use of Strong and em Tags

I have seen using Strong tag where ever we have keyword Use correct propoton if <em> and <strong> Tag. Use For bold <strong> tag and for Italics use <em> tag

Article length and links: For Offpage works, the article which is having more texts is more welcomed. The quality is always to be taken into account as per brand and business requirements. The best practice for article submission consists of text with right keyword density. Normally you can have 3% of keywords. Always try to have 500 to 600 words for a article. The articles should always have text related to title and theme.

Permalink: The permalink can be Page URL which is one of the important factors that influence rankings. Don't stuff the url only with keywords but utilize them smartly with right keyword in the static page URLs or apparently static URL. The URL with related words should be re-written for better results. The size should be precise. Don’t  using stop words question marks, punctuation marks in the URLs which search engin bot don't like .

Over optimization penalty: Un-natural traffic can be because of Flag and triggers and the link growth to identify which may lead to over optimization penalty. Penalties may be like -30 to -50 i.e 30 to 50 drop in SERP ranking. Over optimization is one the latest update which Google has introduced .

Over optimization may have following

1. Aggressive use of exact match anchor text (both in on page and off page)

2. Aggressive use of exact match Keyword

3. Having only keywords in URL

4. Keyword stuffing indoor / outgoing links

5. Having Site wide links

6. Using both title and alt tags for image

Don’t make use of Frames: Always try not to use iframe , since lots of bots are finding it hard to crawl the page, but Nowadays google bot is not having problem in crawling the page but yahoo and bing has problem, most of the keyword ranking in google may also rank good in yahoo and bing ( not Vice versa) so always dont use iframe .

When to have I frame  : If your site is having lots of image or flash and its really taking time to load then in such case you can have iframe, when i say lots i mean more than 50 +

Internal links and anchor texts:

 All internal links take a share of the link ‘trust’ juice. The hyperlinks with dofollow poining to other url can pass on the link value but with those with nofollow can stop the link value drain. To get the good results from internal linking structure,follow hierarchy of interlinking of  links instead of having all the links in home page, try to have 150-200 links max

Freshness of Pages:One of the crucial factor to rank good in SERP is to have the fresh content. With the Update of Panda, Google has started loving Blogs and fresh content. Site with the good authority can really look forward for fresh page or may go for blogs in there site is they are having few page

Canon­i­cal­ize the Dupli­cate pages of your web­site.

Try to have rel="canonical" for all the page which is having duplicate page

Heading tags: One if the other important factor is having heading tag in the site. the second thing to do on onpage is to have heading tag  Mostly known and used heading tags are H1 to H6. H1 tags are of first priority which followed by others. There are lots of site which do not have heading tag .

 Things to remember while implementing the heading tag

1) Always implement heading tag in hierarchy i.e H2 should not come first. always have h1 first the followed by h2,then followed by h3

2)Have onely one h1 tag in one page

3) Don't duplicate the h1 tag i.e every page should have different h1 tag

Have respon­sive Site

Today is the world of Mobile phone and tablet , so try to make your site a responsive to these gadgets

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tell Google Spider not to catch specific section of the content

Tell Google Spider not to catch specific section of the content 

To avoid duplicate content  we can have following things

1)      Making the URL not to index in Google , but this would really drop the visitors
2)      Telling Google Spider not to catch  Specific section of the Content  

è Having I frame (spider can’t catch the content )

è Having  Google off and Google on tag

Having this tag


         <p> But for US auto General Motors, that is a mere footnote. The Sail U-VA launched in India last week is its litmus test, a make-or-break launch. Its success will determine whether GM’s 2-year-old tie-up with China’s SAIC works in terms of direct product launches in India. </p>

                    <!--googleoff: index-->

         <p>The facia is accentuated in places with lines and creases that make it appear big and muscular. There are no surprises at the rear, either, and a lack of inspiration becomes evident. The high strung vertical tail lamps are a doneto- death design, and from the back the car looks boxy. Design is not adventurous or eye catching, but functional.</p>

                    <!--googleon: index>

index - content surrounded by “googleoff: index” will not be indexed by Google


Let make the URL , Meta description , Heading Unique by adding some relevant dynamic one words    


Sulekh News : Chinese checkers against the Samurai - Chevy Sail U-VA – Review  in


Chinese checkers against the Samurai - Chevy Sail U-VA – Review   the original one in

Adding <Sulekh News : > in front of the Heading tag will  avoided Duplicated issue similarly we can do it for  URL, Meta tags

And the body of the content in <!--googleoff: index--> tags  or in Iframe

Hence our URL get index , avoid duplicity in Body of our page, get visitors  


Note : Iframe content can cached by Google but not by yahoo & bing  So if we use iframe and <!--googleoff: index--> tags together  then we can avoid Duplicate issue for all major search engine