Saturday, November 10, 2012

Link Building Strategies 2013

Link Building Strategies 2013

Link Building is important strategies for the keyword to rank good. As Google search engine become smarter and smarter it become tougher and tougher for the keyword to rank in SERP. Its all about the quality, Yes get links from quality website that's the key .

 I want to make it very short and only concentrate on the key points

1)  Get Links from Niche website
2)  Get links from Web2.0 Sites
3)  Don't get links from Directory, if at all you need , get links from Pr 3+ site
4)  Get links from Social networking site 
5) Don't get link from spamy site. A link from the spamy Site can make your already good ranking    keyword to rank down
6) Get links from the site which have less obl say may be like less than 25-30
7) Always try to have 100 - 150 internal links in your website
8) Always track you links
9) Don't get too many exact match anchor text , when ever you get links try vary the   anchor text



  1. You are right. In recent google penguin update 3.0 google has made aim to spammers. So now you have to change some technique. I agree with last point that we should not use the exact keyword in all links we should also use some generic keywords.


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