Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Blogging for traffic: Find Tons of free traffic using free blog websites.

There are a couple of very nice websites that you just will simply take part order to feature your blog to their directory.  As a result you'll be able to drive additional free traffic to your blogs.  Also, {you will|you'll|you'll be able to} incorporate a number of these web sites on your own blog so individuals can incorporate one amongst the various rankings systems that these website use so as rank blogs. for instance, many folks use Digg.com and incorporate Digg on their blog so individuals will vote or “digg” your blog posts.  Also, many folks use Technorati.com so as to drive additional free blog traffic.  If you haven’t submitted and began using Technorati.com so as to drive additional free blog traffic, then you would like to since they need most likely the foremost standard blog ranking system on the net.

Now i'd prefer to share with you extra sites that are about to permit you to urge additional free blogging traffic.  Basically, this can be a listing of Blog directory sites. you'll need to use this list and submit your blog to those few standard sites. Doing this whereas using Digg.com and Technorati.com can all permit you that further boost of free blog traffic that you just deserve.

So, what I want to do is start off with a list of the 4 of the most popular blog directory sites.  Afterward, I wam going to share with you an additional list of blog directory sites where you can submit your log.  Here is my top four list: 

  1. www.BlogCatalog.com.
  2. www.BlogTopList.com 
  3. www.TopBlogArea.com
  4. Dir.BlogFlux.com 
  5.  www.Blogged.com
  6. www.DMegs.com
  7. www.BlogIt.com
  8. www.rssFeeds.com
  9. www.BlogHub.com   
  10. www.BlogRankings.com
  11. www.TopRankBlog.com
  12. www.BloggingFusion.com  
  13. www.Feedster.com
  14. www.SuperBlogDirectory.com
  15. www.Blogoozle.com 

Retailers Using Free Facebook Tools Rather than Taking Adverts

With the Facebook IPO out of the way attention has turned to how Facebook will make money to appease their new shareholders.
They will be alarmed by news today that many retailers are utilizing the free tools available on Facebook rather than paying to advertise on the site.
Reuters reveal that whilst retailers are very happy with the returns they're seeing from Facebook, many are doing so for free.  A prime example is luxury retailer Melrose.com, who have seen sales rise by 25% over the last two years, but they have spent just $1,500 on Facebook ads in that time, with most of their activity focused on managing their (free) Page.

"Some of the tools that are free are just a lot better than ads on Facebook," they explained, echoing other attendees at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago.
Alongside areas such as monetizing mobile this is a key concern for Facebook.  They have understandably worked hard to provide an attractive platform for companies to interact with customers, but now they have to monetize it.
Will Facebook be forced into charging for some of these previously free services?  It's a very real possibility according to analysts, especially as there is thus far little evidence that Facebook advertising really produces returns for retailers.
"They're in a huge pickle because most of their business is based on growth in advertising," said Forrester Research's Sucharita Mulpuru. But "why buy that cow when you get the milk for free?"
"The retail sector isn't buying it," said Fiona Dias, chief strategy officer at ShopRunner, an e-commerce shipping company part-owned by eBay. "With all Facebook's free stuff, retailers don't have to worry whether it works very well. But the moment they pay a nickel, there has to be accountability."
Katie Ennis, e-commerce head at apparel retailer RCC Western Stores, said she had used Facebook ads until she sat down with the head of finance and analyzed the return on investment compared with other advertising the company uses.
"The conversions were just not there. People would click on the ads sometimes but would not buy," she said. "So we completely stopped doing Facebook ads earlier this year."
This fundamental difference between Facebook and Google advertising will be a challenge that Facebook will have to overcome if they are to remain a force in the social networking world