Sunday, December 15, 2013

So why not, Try Google Local Map

Google is always experimenting different stuff., and artificial intelligence of the bot seems to be too good. I was trying to rank keyword for one of my client but this time I tried some thing  different, its the smart work that really works to thrive in the industries. Some one already quoted "Think Different Do It Smart" .

Yes I shifted my knowledge to google maps and tried to rank in SERP. I was able to show the result in a months and it really worked out. When it comes to SEO people think of only organic result but I think "Google Map".

Will I able to rank in Google Map?

Yes surly you can rank, in Map too we have something called ON map SEO, It basically you need to have right amount of keywords in title, body, and other areas, Always try to have your brand name in title and then followed by the primary keyword.

Is there link building involved in this process?

There is no link building but there is some think called Citation, which need to build.

To know more about citation stay tuned in my next blog post.