Saturday, June 11, 2016

Digital Marketing - seo is booming

Tinil again SEO Analyst from Bangalore.

Its been nearly 6 .5 I am working as SEO analyst, at present I not only take care of SEO but also various aspects of digital marketing like web analytics, tagging , query and insights, Dynamic tag management, social and more to come in near feature.

Little did I know when I joined as SEO analyst in a small company in chennai that after 6years there could huge demand for this job.

Today most of the people are having access to internet and again the introduction of smart phone has added more value to digital marketing.

Preference to news paper has really come down and creating a hovac for news paper industry. Most of the braking new people get via mobile phone and then TV and lastly via news paper. I am only giving you an idea how digital space has grown and directly giving a demand for digital marketers.

Salary range for Digital marketer!

Seo analyst:

Seo analyst mainly responsible for bringing the keywords up in organic space or free space of SERP. Without SEO it is really impossible to bring leads through website.

Salary range for SEO would be some where around 25,000 INR to 35,000 INR

Web Analyst:

This is again a interesting job where in onw give the analytics report via Excel or you create a dashboard for business marketers. Salary range would be some where around 30000k to 40000k for an experience of 2 to 3 years.

Tagging here the main objective is to give a script for all click able events in web page so that the events and user behaviour can be tracked. Without tagging it would be impossible for a web analyst to get report.

Salary range: salary for a tagger would be some where around 20000INR to 30000 INR for 2 to 3 year experience.

I am able to give you this insight because I am working as Asst. Manager for one of the top MNC in India .

Saturday, June 4, 2016

I made it Rank

Hi Guys,

This is Tinil SEO Analyst from Bangalore

Yet another post :) last couple of weeks I was trying to rank "SEO agency in Bangalore" guys who followed my twitter post will definitely know I was really working hard to bring it up in SERP but this all payed off good and now the site is rank in 4th pages. My Mission accomplished - SEO Agency in Bangalore in In first page.

My colleagues and friends asked me how did i do that and how did i bring in 4th palace in just 50 days. This is really hard but if we think different and do it smart nothing is too hard. The "SEO Agency in Bangalore" is one of the best keyword where all my competitors wanted to ranbecause lots of leads would be generated on this particular keyword and again we wanted to rank in one of the toughest location Bangalore.One can already image how hard it would be to bring the keyword up in google Bangalore which is one of the hot IT place in the world already to compete with one of the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore.
The website which i was working was If you see my twitter post dated may 15th I have tweeted the status saying as shown in the screen shot below. is ranking in 21 position

Now the site is ranking in 4th position and in 20 days isn't it great :)

So how did i do that? contact me at 

Screen shot of keyword coming at 4th position below.