Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ho do you think you can make a videos Viral ?

Making a videos Viral

Targeting the Employees to Promote, in regards to that lets create a video you mentioned.....

First and foremost thing is make our employees to share the video,

Let's say like we have 500 employees and each employees have 500 friends in FB in average.

if one of the employee share the video he or she is supposed to get 100 Views APROX.

for 500 employees we should be able to get 5000 Views  in span of 2 to 3 days!

So my next question Why should i (Employee) share a Video ?

My Genuine answer will

If I am Present in the video I will share!
If i have a role in Video i will not share rather i will promote not just in Facebook but in what's app, twitter, YouTube etc

Why should my friend share this in FB ?

Most of employee Friends will only like and few comments, but when they would share?

If My company (Mobinius) benefits is better than his(my friends) company he will share!
When my companies do extra ordinary things then our employee friends will share!

When does it go Viral?

If our video has a message,  If our video has a suspense so this will go viral!


Part 2:

If I am Present in the video I will share!

We have 5 mints Video and we have cover all the 500 employees! So how can we achieve this?

1) Add all Names of employee and Designation, at the end of the video! if it is 5 mints video the sixth mins should showcase all our employee name in textual content
2) 10 Sec Group video of our employee ( 5 sec should be comic on)
3) A dance in video - We know that there would be some chemistry with some boys and girls and we have to pick them and make them dance! I know this is hard but for our coincidence we may get good dancer who has some chemistry
4) Key Employees "role play Talk " as you suggested is the Key!

Why should my friend share this in FB ?

For Dance in Video
For Role play talk

Why does it go Viral?

For Dance in Video

What Else can be done to Promote!

We can put that in our Blog
We can promote in FB just 2000 Rs will do the trick
We can do SEO for YouTube

Summary :

Title - Life at Mobinius!

5 to 6 mints video
Chemistry Dance - 1 mint
Role play talk - 3 to 4mints
Group video - 10 to 15 sec , first 5 sec Professional Effect, last 5 sec comic effect
Role and designation of all 500 Employees- one mints

So Total time will be 5 to 6 mint