Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tell Google Spider not to catch specific section of the content

Tell Google Spider not to catch specific section of the content 

To avoid duplicate content  we can have following things

1)      Making the URL not to index in Google , but this would really drop the visitors
2)      Telling Google Spider not to catch  Specific section of the Content  

è Having I frame (spider can’t catch the content )

è Having  Google off and Google on tag

Having this tag


         <p> But for US auto General Motors, that is a mere footnote. The Sail U-VA launched in India last week is its litmus test, a make-or-break launch. Its success will determine whether GM’s 2-year-old tie-up with China’s SAIC works in terms of direct product launches in India. </p>

                    <!--googleoff: index-->

         <p>The facia is accentuated in places with lines and creases that make it appear big and muscular. There are no surprises at the rear, either, and a lack of inspiration becomes evident. The high strung vertical tail lamps are a doneto- death design, and from the back the car looks boxy. Design is not adventurous or eye catching, but functional.</p>

                    <!--googleon: index>

index - content surrounded by “googleoff: index” will not be indexed by Google


Let make the URL , Meta description , Heading Unique by adding some relevant dynamic one words    


Sulekh News : Chinese checkers against the Samurai - Chevy Sail U-VA – Review  in http://cars.sulekha.com/chinese-checkers-against-the-samurai-chevy-sail-u-va-review_424236_review


Chinese checkers against the Samurai - Chevy Sail U-VA – Review   the original one in http://travel.sulekha.com/chinese-checkers-against-the-samurai-chevy-sail-u-va-review_424236_review

Adding <Sulekh News : > in front of the Heading tag will  avoided Duplicated issue similarly we can do it for  URL, Meta tags

And the body of the content in <!--googleoff: index--> tags  or in Iframe

Hence our URL get index , avoid duplicity in Body of our page, get visitors  


Note : Iframe content can cached by Google but not by yahoo & bing  So if we use iframe and <!--googleoff: index--> tags together  then we can avoid Duplicate issue for all major search engine

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Link Building Strategies 2013

Link Building Strategies 2013

Link Building is important strategies for the keyword to rank good. As Google search engine become smarter and smarter it become tougher and tougher for the keyword to rank in SERP. Its all about the quality, Yes get links from quality website that's the key .

 I want to make it very short and only concentrate on the key points

1)  Get Links from Niche website
2)  Get links from Web2.0 Sites
3)  Don't get links from Directory, if at all you need , get links from Pr 3+ site
4)  Get links from Social networking site 
5) Don't get link from spamy site. A link from the spamy Site can make your already good ranking    keyword to rank down
6) Get links from the site which have less obl say may be like less than 25-30
7) Always try to have 100 - 150 internal links in your website
8) Always track you links
9) Don't get too many exact match anchor text , when ever you get links try vary the   anchor text


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Google updated Page Rank on 8th November 2012 This Day

Google updated Page Rank on 8th November 2012 This Day

Long Hunt For update of Page Rank has come to an end .Google updated Page Rank on 8th November 2012 This Day

URL marked in Green, Page Rank Has been Updated from 0 - 4

Page Rank


Page rank Update History

PAGERANK UPDATE – 8 November 2012
PAGERANK UPDATE – 2 August 2012
PAGERANK UPDATE – 7 February 2012
PAGERANK – 7 November 2011
PAGERANK Update Ist Week August 2011


Friday, November 2, 2012

Some Useful Tools For SEO

Some Useful Tools For SEO For 2013

Lots of Seo guys ask me what tools to be used for SEO , well that is pity good question, Tools are one the best thing which seo Analyst need for site analysis and Reports .They are many tools in internet , but don't believe this tools blindly, because some of the tools found in giving the wrong info , which can lead you to serious trouble.

So here are some of the tools which I have been using for SEO Report . Each tools have there own Plus and negative

1) SEO General Report Tool

 For taking general report Like Title: Meta keywords, Meta description, Internal links, External links, Server information , Domain Age, Domain Details etc you can use SEO QUAKE

  SEO QUAKE is add on where you can install in your browser (firefox,Chrome,Opera, Safari ) . It gives you quick Report , quick Summary of all the 10 result shown in SERP (refer fig 1)

Fig 1 (SEO QUAKE showing the quick result of all 10 pages )

Explore More : http://www.seoquake.com/

2) Black link Checking Tool 

this are some of the tools where you can refer 


 For  checking backlinks tool there you can refer Back link watch http://www.backlinkwatch.com
this is pity good site to find all the back links . You should aware no tools get you exact back link . but you an get approximate links . Other tools to find back link will be http://ahrefs.com

Some other site to find Back links :

Google Webmasters - www.google.com/webmasters
Bing Webmaster - www.bing.com/webmaster
SEO Moz - www.seomoz.org/linkscape
Buzz Stream - www.buzzstream.com/link-building
Website Grader - websitegrader.com/
Plug in SEO - pluginseo.com/
Ericmiraglia - ericmiraglia.com/inlink/
Raven SEO Tools - raven-seo-tools.com/features/link-manager/

  3)  Spider Simulator from Summit Media

This tool gives you general on page stuffs , you can find how many word are there in Title, Description , body, and it will also give you a percentage rating. It bases the rating are based on the stuff like meta tags, images and alt tags,use of headers,  load time, and links.


Some Seo Tips For Car Related Sites

1.     Summary

The main points discussed in the meeting centered on various suggestions given by SEO people. The overall takeaway from the meeting was,

·         Focus on the most important pages such as Make Model page, and ensure there is lot of content that is also fresh and original. For example populate the page with as much content as possible.
·         Eliminate duplicate pages with same content
·         Create as many internal site links within different parts of the website to improve page rank and user visits. For example create a number of cross links between classifieds and used cars
·         Directory submissions and manual backlinking was strongly discouraged as it has only short term impact and it is not working smart.
·         Overall, lots of SEO related tasks are there for cars and it was suggested to assign 1 technical resource focused on this task. Focus should be on website change and on –page optimization.
·         Let SEO person review all new HTML pages for conformance to guidelines and best SEO performance

1.1  The Website

a)      In the top secondary navigation New Cars, important to show top 5 brands
b)      Under car segments – Group by Brands
c)       Need a separate HTML page for Upcoming Cars
d)      New Brands have been added that are missing
e)      Need to cross sell Used Cars in New Car Pages
f)       Include New Car Links in Used Cars
g)      Changes in Make Model Page – Show more Variant related Specs on Make Model Page instead of just variant and price
h)      Include User Comments on Make Model Pages                
i)        Implement Star Rating for Car Model Page
j)        Star Rating for Used Car Listing Pages. This may not be so straightforward.
k)      404 Custom Error Page. Detect invalid urls and redirect

1.2  On Page Optimization

a)      Tool for creating pages by keyword – Need to create N number of pages. If user searches with a combination of keywords, create a page to filter with those keyword criteria.
b)      On Make Model page have Prices with Updated Date
c)       Add more specifications to each model/make
d)      Dynamic content on Make Model Page from Rivr
e)      On the comparison page add links for popular comparisons grouped by brand for different make models. This will ensure that users have a static page for whatever comparison they search for.
f)       Schema.org implementation for showing enriched data on google search page
g)      RSS Integration
h)      Image Sitemap – Last priority
i)        Pagination on certain pages
j)        H1 tag is duplicate in pages.
k)      Eliminate Duplicate links – used car listing page. Multiple links for the same search results will reduce SEO strength of page. It was suggested to redirect all links to one link.
l)        Add the following footer links on listing page in Ad Details page

1.3  Off Page Optimization

a)      Publish News in News.google.com. Register as a news publisher
b)      Dynamic Back linking should happen.
c)       Directory Submission should not be done