Sunday, September 11, 2016

Importance of Google Image search

Images optimization help me to rank for Keywords like SEO Freelancer, SEO Analyst Bangalore ..."

Hello Guys,

The article which I am going to post will be very interesting. As the title describes i am going to show how to rank in google image search. So what ever I posting here is purely based on my experience. I also do seo freelancing and do free consulting in areas of  Bangalore.

So let's start, Now if you google images and type "Seo Analyst bangalore" in google and you can see my photos coming,

Fig: 1

As you can see above screen fig 1, first row marked in red square are entire this blog. See first thing which I want to say is its not alt tag. Most of the people says ok now you need to put "alt tag" in image and your image will come in google search...come on guys this is the F***ing thing people are saying and its common with SEO Analyst. Many seo blogs or seo writer say the same.

What is I am talking about will be as follows:

1) Theme of the website  -- 25% 
2) Image name - 20%
3) Authority of URL - 15%
4) What image you post - CTR of image - 15%
6) Alt tag - 15%
7) Make a image sitemap - 10%

Now you already now what am talking about.

1) Theme of the website  -- 25%

If you see my blog theme and image is same. The image you want to bring is same as theme then you have high chance to rank. My blog is of same theme as which i wanted to rank in SEARCH ENGINE.

2) Image name: When you post your image don't forget to add relevant image name. My rating is 20% for this.

3) Authority of URL: 15%

Total mark according to me to rank in image search would be 15 % . What do you mean by authority. Once you post a page if your site started ranking immediately in 5th page i.e some where around 30 to 50 rank in google then you have good change to rank in image search.

4) As usual CTR plays important role

Picture like this will give you good CTR. So make your own CRAZY picture 

People used to tell why do you post picture like this the above, As seo analyst i would like to rank for all keywords and get projects... so i would like to rank for key words like "seo Freelancer Bangalore" "SEO Analyst Bangalore" etc

Image like this used to get lots of CTR and increase my. search :)

5) Alt tag - always remember to describe your image. this is important to rank in google.

6) Image Sitemap - Do have image site map for the any website this will help you image index fast

So keep rocking and keep ranking !