Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Custom Report: in Google Analytics

Custom Report: in Google Analytics

General Information:

Report Name: Give a report name for what the report is indented to.

Report Content: Add report Tab:

Name: Again a name for what the report is done to be:

Type: Explorer or Flat Table: Choose Explorer

Metric Groups:

What are the metrics needed must be chosen must be present here,

Metric in the sense, Views, Page views, unique visitors, unique page views, Pages/visit, Bounce Rate, New Visits/ Returning Visits, etc.,

Dimension Drilldowns:

Choose Date: As we are choosing a custom date. If a random date or custom date or a specific date range is needed please choose, date.


1)  Including <Landing Page> Regex/Exact Automobiles.

Regex – Broad match

Exact – Use [] for exact match.

Say some word that appears on URL as metric is LP.

2) Include <Medium> Regex/Exact Organic.

Current Profile == Classifieds.sulekha.com

Additional profiles say “none”

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