Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ranking through authority sites

Hi Guys,

Back again, this time with little more insight on how to bring online Presence for your business.
So here i am going to talk about Authority sites, What you an do with it and how you can use it for your business.

So I wanted to be SEO Trainer and was wondering to make a site for it. For this to happen I would really want to spend 20k buks for a site. So i wanted to rank with cost effective method, with no much strain and efforts. I now authority site will help me in this area.

One of the authority site I too the help was Facebook, with a page rank of 10/10. Isn't it good site.
I started creating page for SEO Trainer and posted for good article and in 5 day i was able to ran in 4th page of

Then I started promoting my page and now this is ranking 1st of

SEO Trainer Image

So what my point is use the authority site and get yourself listed in google soon for your potential keywords.

If you have any question you an comments and i will answer to your quires.

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